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Masturbation as First Sex Experience

Questions of masturbation and our sexuality in general share common ground in adolescence. We go through an odd period of life, when intense biological and emotional modifications as baffling as gob smacking for most of us. It’s usually around this period that boys and girls are bound to discover masturbation (although normal to start a little earlier or later). Masturbation, at this point of life, works as our very first sexual gauge, much as learning how our sexual traits work out in developing our own masturbation techniques. Both male masturbation and female masturbation are thorough healthy activities in their own particularities and differences. Usually, teens come across masturbation by sheer fluke, for example while taking a shower or toweling.

There are stacks of misconceptions in masturbation. Many people regard masturbation as wrong, somehow forbidden (particularly when it comes to girls) today still. There’s even who consider it as something suitable only losers. Rest assured, masturbation is the way to explore sexuality as safe as healthy and fun to learn how our body responds when sexually aroused. As well as working just fine for the sake of sexual tension release, particularly accentuated during adolescence when hormones take over.

Bear with it, even though masturbation might turn out to be your first sexual experience ever as teenager, you may continue masturbating on a regular basis even if having a steady partner. Actually, you may use all that experience gained from masturbation and induce further pleasure to your partner. Masturbation, an option although seeing someone and not feeling up for sexual intercourse as yet. Mutual masturbation, in particular this case, will be enthralling to pleasure one another, as acquaintance of bed sharing.

Another important aspect of masturbation as the first sexual experience, being that it gives us all the opportunity to have pleasure whenever we feel-like (and take it be me, during adolescence and thereafter you will crave to have a lot).


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