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 In times of AIDS, talking about oral sex already gives an idea of what would be deemed “safe”. Oral sex also claims the use of condoms by both sexes. Some might regard oral sex wearing condoms as peculiar if not disgraceful. 
 Initially it could appear tasteless or unusual, never mind because it’s known that chances are AIDS could be transmitted via oral sex. The mouth is riddle with small fissures, from brushing, as of the teeth grinding up against the tongue, by occasional blisters due to chewing, to name a few. Even the penis and vagina during cleansing or yet oral sex, might suffer minute fissures or crazing.
 It’s established that HIV is contracted when blood of someone infected come in contact with blood from a non-infected person. Given being the mouth in contact with the genitals during oral sex, this possibility means real.
 In spite of the say, oral sex might stand for one of the faintest guises when it comes to catching AIDS, though the possibility exists and there would rather being avoided. There are male condoms readily available in range of flavors and scents, which ensure it done without any rubbery aftertaste, if that has come to be the case.
 Protection in case of oral sex on the woman is core. So much for the HIV + people regarding oral sex and their viral load. Turns out, rogue strands of the virus could mix up gearing up some more aggressive type of the virus into play. The viral load would then increase due to cross-infection.
 There’s evidence that the HIV virus has mutated, therefore, care taken is the best failsafe against further trouble later on. Living is such a valuable deed, and being able to live life at its best is what everyone expects out of it. The life of someone with HIV might seem normal, to an extent, although there would be better off not counting on it, but also, avoiding such appall that has claimed so many lives.
 Therefore, safe oral sex per se is that done with protection. There’s no other way to fight off STDs unless wearing condoms. It might seem awkward first hand, but given time and skill, to put a condom on and go about oral sex within safety boundaries will become quite usual and even profoundly exciting.
Anne Griza

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