Mutual Masturbation

Mutal Masturbation

Mutual masturbation may be simply defined as the act where two people stimulate each others genitals until climax or not. Most people regard mutual masturbation as being just a part of foreplay but few know that the practice itself may be very pleasurable as a regular practice during sex, acting as a substitute for intercourse. But why would someone choose mutual masturbation instead of sexual intercourse. There are in fact many reasons:

- Mutual masturbation is a free and 100% safe birth control method, as both partners enjoy themselves and have pleasure without risk of pregnancy, as long as it doesn't include any contact between body fluids.
- Similarly, mutual masturbation is a 100% safe sexual practice when it comes to transmitted sexual infections. Again, it's necessary to avert from any contact between body fluids to guarantee safety
- Mutual masturbation may be also a way to prevent from routine in the sex life, as it opens a new world of sensations and possibilities to try out with your partner.
- It's also a great way to preserve virginity if you choose to share some moments of pleasure with your partner but don't feel ready to have sex yet. It may also be use as a form of transition, where you can get some practice before engaging into sexual intercourse.

Techniques and practices of mutual masturbation are very similar to the ones used when a person masturbates alone, although it is obviously more exciting to be masturbated by another person. It is interesting to propose to watch a person while he or she masturbates in order to learn what kind of stimulation it's the best for her.

There is also frottage, a way of mutual masturbation in which the partners are fully or partially clothed, with no direct contact with the genitals (popularly known as "dry humping"). It can be also very sexy and very pleasurable, especially during moments where it's impossible to go further.

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