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Masturbation With Vegetables

By various reasons people adopt vegetable-aided masturbation. The practice bears an array of variations and consummated usually by the use of hard vegetables, like carrots, cucumbers, aubergines and turnips, and lukewarm humid vegetables, such as tomatoes, melons, and watermelons and similar. People often prefer them vegetables in masturbation to enhance their sensations and because these food remember the penis shape, in the case of the hard vegetables, and the touch of an aroused vagina, in the case of the humid vegetables.

Other advantage of the vegetables is that they are discreet – nobody will know that the person is buying a carrot, for example, to use it for masturbation – and cheaper than a vibrator or a dildo, which many people don’t buy for being ashamed of going to a sex shop, having it at home or ordering it and fearing that someone, like a child, receive the package and open it. People need, however, to have some precautions before masturbating with vegetables, because they weren’t done especially with this objective.

After warming the humid vegetables, men have to be sure that the temperature isn’t too hot, or the vegetables could hurt his genitals. Then, one can make a hole in the vegetable, according to the size of his penis, and start masturbation by penetrating the orifice. He has to remember that these kinds of vegetables can dirty the place where he is, so he has to be prepared for it and do it in the bathroom or use a protection on his bed. To feel new sensations, men can also try masturbating with cold humid vegetables.

The most important thing to remember, when masturbating with phallic vegetables, is that the use of a condom is essential, because the vegetable sometimes can break during the penetration and the person wouldn’t be able to remove it alone without condom, needing to go to a hospital and probably feeling ill at large. To get protected against bacteria and infections, women also need to change condom if she wants vaginal penetration after anal penetration with same sex vegetables.

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