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Masturbation Toys

Women seem favored by the sex toy industry, as its primary target in such business. Even though men were well looked after in the last decades with a multitude of products which enhance private moments. Artificial vaginas, penis enhancement devices or oral sex simulators such as are fit for Masturbation. By contrast, women count on a wider range of masturbation products-like, especially dildos.

Dildos by definition, are penis shape-like objects designed to mimicking its function during masturbation and/or sexual intercourse. However, not all are perfect replicas of the human penis. Dildos come in all shapes and textures, colors and trinkets. Obviously, dildos are no exclusively for the female masturbation. Those who’d enjoy another source of masturbation indulgence are taken into account. Dildos aren’t exclusive for masturbation either, as many couples enjoy the use of such sex toy during sex play in order to obtain exquisite sensations.  

Despite phallic-like shape, dildos aren’t used to simulate only penetration, particularly vibrating dildos. In fact, most women employ dildos on clitoral masturbation. There might be their main inducing source of sexual pleasure. Yet, Dildos come in handy as a fall back source of solo stimulation. When stimulating her clitoris manually or using another type of toy, a dildo could be in for vaginal and/or anal penetration. The variety of dildos is anything to go by, let’s check some varieties available at the sex shops:


  • Butt plugs – dildos specially designed for anal penetration. Fitted with flanged base in order to prevent being stuck in the rectum.
  • Double-ended – used for vaginal and anal masturbation at the same time.
  • Strap-on dildos – worn by means of harness. Usually used for reversal-role activities, as in woman to woman and woman and man or else.
  • Dildos might be made of rather unexpected materials. Ranging from silicone for reaching the body core quite fast to a special kind of textured rubber, which feels exactly like a real penis for the sake of masturbation purposes.

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