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When we are just kids, we don't really know much about things. We have to build up knowledge slowly, from simple and easy tasks to most complicated matters. Children don't suddenly start to walk they begin to crawl. Then, walking with help of parents or caretaker. Just after all stages, a kid learns how to walk alone. And that happens along with other actions, like speaking, reading, writing... in fact, anything new has to be learned slowly disregarding of the age or quotient of intelligence. That's what happens with sex. No one is born knowing everything. We have to go through certain phases in order to prepare for when time comes. And masturbation is one of such phases.

When puberty comes, all teenagers feel like being lost. And they have every right to feel that way. After all, in puberty, the hormonal activity increases a lot in both boys and girls, bringing about significant psychological alterations. The result is the quickening of sexual interest and curiosity on how the genital organs function. As for now ready for reproduction, as girls have their first period and boy starts producing sperm. But, of course, they are not ready for the sexual intercourse itself. So, what do they do? They start practicing solo sex, otherwise known as masturbation - a phase of discover and changes undergone in the last few months. A phase where they will find out what can or can't be done.

Formerly, masturbation has been deemed as a vice, wrong and dirty. In order to prevent kids from doing it, people invented all kinds of stories of side effects such as infertility, breast growth and impotence. Nowadays, people are a little more open-minded, and most treat masturbation as a natural thing. But there are those that still thrive on conservative ideas - specially the Catholic Church with its unflinching stances. To whom, masturbation (being a lonely act) goes against God's reproduction purposes. However, scientists argue that masturbation is not just normal but also healthy. Boys and girls have to know how their body works, and in that field, masturbation becomes first and foremost activity. Hopefully, people soon will realize it. Still thinking that we can walk without crawling first.

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