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Masturbation and Religion


While walking on the street, if you look up what do you see. Outdoors, many of them, selling all things businesses. And then you will notice some portraying beautiful women and men in skimpy draping if not optional, calls attention, hum? Then, you turn the TV on and what is on? Sex, innuendoes and all that TV sitcoms, soap operas, movies... The same goes in magazines, stunning-looking people with few clothes on, advertising articles about the very subject... The truth is that sex is part of our society, and has large exposition, so often raising concern. Sexual-linked topics are always controversial, especially of which not related to sexual intercourse alone but other ways of exercising sexual desire - like masturbation for instance.

Religion has always been extremely severe when it comes to sexually linked issues. For whom, man's role on Earth is to reproduce and continue the specie as the only thing sex is about. To several religious idealists, masturbation is a sin. Some of them consider it even adultery, since masturbation imbues sexual fantasies including famous people instead of the wife or the husband. To conservative Christians, the act goes against God's purpose of Sex, which involves reproduction of two genders. They claim being addictive and impure and those who practice will not enter the kingdom of God. The Bible, however, says nothing directly about masturbation. There are some lines that condemn fantasies, usually related to masturbation, but that's it. So, the whole belief seemingly wrong, there can be just shear interpretation and not thoughtful.

The Roman Catholics follow the same way, considering it a sin too. The Pope Paul VI wrote a declaration in 1975 on many aspects of human sexual ethics, called "Persona Humana - Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics.", where masturbation is condemned. For them, it constitutes a grave moral disorder, representing weakness and lack of structure. They attribute the frequency of the act to the corruption of morals resultant of the commercialization of vice and the high expose of sexual topics on the media.

The fact is that the religious always were very conservative about that kind of topic. Most of them treat sex just like the way to reproduce, and not a way to get pleasure. Maybe with time they will learn alongside scientific grounds that masturbation actually can be a good thing, and just begin to ignore it. But if not, the discussion about values will go on for a long time. After all, sexual topics are indeed very controversial.

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