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Masturbation and Celibacy

Masturbation still quite a complex issue in that contradiction and myth-ridden. Despite all past said and done, there is no such a thing as masturbation-linked illnesses like blindness, hairy hands or other unfounded remarks alike. Today prejudice means focused further on psychological matters. Topics like guilt and shame are two major issues approached whenever masturbation comes to fore.

Masturbation, in fact, is a very important exercise when people are getting more mature, and that occurs at the end of childhood. To discovery the possibilities of what your body can wield is not perversion leanings or dirty at all. Church and conservative families are, generally, focuses of resistance; and those who grow under their code of practice and rules; can be affected in life by several reasons. People who never practice sex and not even masturbate are those who make vote of celibacy.

That is curbing sexual feelings by all means necessary. In theory, priests, nuns and some devoted pundits swear by non-practice of sexual acts for the sake of inculcated values, so that may grow in mentally and spiritually. They agree that sexual feelings can be canalized onto other things. A classic example: Jedis. On George Luca's world of classy pictures, Jedis are knights devoted to the good side of the "force" who therefore must avoid mediocre feelings like "love", "fear" and "sexual intents". They claim that mind expand substantially if sex can be overridden and kept at bay.

Masturbation is illegal as practice when one makes celibate vote. So-involved sex, once mind and body are aroused by sexual feelings. And if sex must be banned from a person's life, what leads to it, must be, too.

Whereas very natural as feeling, most people are up to experience this practice with the same naturalness of going shopping or taking a bath. What people must weigh when such votes are being questioned are: will it mess up with my personal needs? Am I ready to give up of some of the best things in life? If the answer is "yes", then everything is worth its while.

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