Masturbation and Aids

Masturbation and AIDS


AIDS, today's biggest concern for every nation's health care. As ever so growing, is the amount of people being infected by such an elusive virus. Particularly in the poorest regions of the sub-Saharan Africa and the south east of Asia. As AIDS seems out of reach in terms of foreseeable cure and condoms stick out as the only safe method by which curbs infections. That too, turns expensive to be distributed on a large scale. Certain pundits point out to a way as extreme as unusual to fighting the disease from spreading even further: abstinence along with masturbation.

It's known, masturbation is the ONLY mode of sexual contact wouldn't get us infected with AIDS and therefore most Sexual Transmitted Diseases. Providing there isn't any contact allowed between secretions and mucosas. So specialists believe that encouraging masturbation, whether in private for solo relief, or as duo masturbation should be the way to keeping AIDS from getting out of hand. Nonetheless, how would people be talked into suppressing own sexual urges? Simply by showing, that's their only resort not to get infected, to specialists accordingly. There are several projects underway in Africa to instances prevention and vaccines. On which point volunteers promote abstinence and fidelity as well as mutual masturbation for the sake of sexual practice on a daily basis.

Surprisingly, the results being quite condescending. In addition, researches point that the number of new AIDS infection in Uganda has dropped drastically. Obviously, it's not that easy. People don't want to be told what to do in that give up most of sexual delight for the sake of their own survival. Mutual masturbation may be fun, but everyone wonders how boring would life be if rendered the only sexual practice available.

Also, there wouldn't be thousands of people infected and suffering from AIDS, if such measure could help them. Though, there's still need (expansive) for medications and health care in order to enable them longer and better life expectancy.

By contrast, masturbation to combat AIDS infection seemingly rather controversial. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to send people to lecture on mutual masturbation and abstinence than loads of condoms?

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