Male Masturbation Techniques

Male Masturbation Techniques

In improving masturbation techniques, would pose you to improve your sexual life. Leading to other creative ideas, likely to apply on sex play. Also, gaining optimal control of sexual response. With plenty of male masturbation techniques, further we narrow down some for nitpicking. Bear in mind, the best masturbation techniques neither complex and unusual but just simply what derives ultimate pleasure.

Milking – an interesting male masturbation technique, likely to offer highly intense orgasms. Start by making a ring at the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger. Slide the ring from the base to the tip of your penis with gentle pressure. Use both hands and start sliding one ring at the base as the other reaches the tip. Will work out better if you smear a blob of lube on your hands beforehand.

Tipping – works as if an opposed version of the previous masturbation technique. The milking cares for intense and vigorous stroke, while this one requires just the fingertip or the whole finger itself to stimulate the penis gland. It’s done by means of gently tapping and/or mild stroking until reaching orgasm. You’ll be amazed by how this gentle male masturbation technique may result in such powerful shudders of orgasms.

Simulating – there’s nothing better than being inside a real vagina as certain masturbation techniques for men ensure just that, to simulate it by copycat. Toilet paper rolls are a good example. Wrap your penis in toilet paper and then masturbate your way through it. Add a sprinkle of hot water for an interesting feeling of wetness and heat. Another interesting if not peculiar masturbation technique consists of cutting a hole in a watermelon, warming it up in the microwave and then simulating as the real McCoy.
Hopefully, these few examples may assist you in achieving desirable pleasure.  Will present cues on novelties of male masturbation techniques for yourself to get busily emulating. Noteworthy, when it comes to sex, creativeness calls it a day.


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