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My best friend was over my house one evening. We were both very bored, and he suggested that we play "strip poker". When someone lost a hand of cards, the rules were that the loser had to remove one item of clothing. I ended up losing everything -- including my watch. He must have lost almost as many times because he was wearing only underpants. He claimed he won the game because I had nothing more to lose. Then he said we could play another hand on the following conditions: If I won, he would remove his underpants. If he won, he could do anything he wanted to me.
I won and he stripped, but then he wanted to play again. I was curious about what he wanted to do to me. I knew it must be something sexual. I started to get an erection, but he couldn't see it because of the table. This time, I made sure I lost.
He sat on the edge of his chair and had me stand sideways between his legs and started playing with my penis with one hand and reached in from the back and cupped my testicles with his other hand. My penis got rock hard real fast. Then he turned me so that I was facing towards him, and he spread my legs. He started stroking me while he played with his own penis for a while. He was already hard.
He put his penis right on top of mine. While he cupped my testicles with one hand, he masturbated us both by rubbing his penis and hand against my erection. We both had intense orgasms from the rhythmic motion he was doing with his hand as our penises were sliding against one another. During the ejaculation and climax, I hugged him tightly so his firm chest pressed up against my body. We were face to face, and he started to kiss me. He didn't go too far with the kiss, but I thought it felt great! But I was scared this was some sort of test to find out if I was gay.
For some reason, I was very embarrassed afterwards because I was afraid it was obvious how much I liked his hands all over my penis. Later on, I learned that the whole strip poker idea was to get me into the scenario so he could do what he did. I felt better after I found out that he enjoyed it as much as I did. Over the next year or so, we masturbated each other a few times and also made out with each other. I seemed to allow myself to enjoy it more when I knew what to expect.

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