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Male Masturbation and Precocious Ejaculation

Precocious ejaculation, a problem affecting men from all walks of life. Despite being regarded as normal during certain stages of adolescence, youngsters generally ejaculate faster than grown ups. This problem tends to last until adulthood, becoming recurrent every time this individual tries and engage in sexual activity. It is difficult to define exactly how short would intercourse last so as to be characterized as precocious ejaculation.

Arguably, male masturbation could offer something towards solution reasoning or at least offers a good helping hand (no pun intended) to precocious ejaculation. By masturbating while focusing on orgasm preceding sensations, you should be able to clasp a better control of your ejaculation. This is the so-called Masters and Johnson method. Not a solution for severe cases of precocious ejaculation, some men take only a hint of stimulation of any given kind to come, but effective in the majority of cases, at some point.

The method consists in masturbating until reaching a point close to climax. Then, stop masturbating and relaxing until feeling ready to go again. At every time, try and bring yourself as close as possible to orgasm, always pausing right before completion. It may take a while for some practice, and requires a lot of patient specially focusing on at the beginning.

Other specialists say that regular masturbation (until orgasm) 40-50 minutes before sexual intercourse itself reduces the likelihood of precocious ejaculation. Obviously, the only problem on this technique is that at times you may not know exactly when the next time would be going for you to have sex.

Also, remember that precocious ejaculation is relatively common problem in terms of sexuality, so no panic. In case, it feels-like masturbation couldn’t help at all, seek urologist-aid for better advice and possible treatments in precocious ejaculation.


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