Is Overmasturbation Really a Problem

Is Overmasturbation Really a Problem?

There isn't a safety rate to forecast when someone is overdoing on masturbation. The practice of self love is healthy and can improve relationship, since it helps us to tell our partners where we like to be touched. Masturbation is, however, pleasure-ridden thus might become addictive much like going to church. That carries out the claim on "overmasturbation", and it can bring self-imposed guilt, feelings of isolation amongst others.

Sexual health in people who overmasturbate is about normal and doesn't present any aggravating symptoms. Excessive masturbation concerns only when one wears oneself helpless to the point of feeling exhausted, tired and fatigued. Because of that, if a man is going to engage in strenuous physical activity, he can discharge a lot of sexual energy and avoid masturbating for that day.

When someone leaves important responsibilities aside to masturbate, and there's lack of interest in anything other than that, it may be an obsession or compulsion, and the first step is to admit that the problem exists. Then, a good way to reduce the problem is to look for a psychotherapy treatment.

There are, also, many taboos related to overmasturbation. Young males, who begin to masturbate at the same time their bodies change due to hormonal causes, usually associate urinary problems, penis enlargement, hair loss and others with masturbation, though not connected to such dysfunctions. Since masturbation isn't causing any of these nuisances, there isn't reason to stop it altogether.

Many sites on the net warn on masturbating that it done more than once or twice a week may causes hair loss, chronic fatigue and other malefactions. They aren't based on medical awards, and don't make scientific sense when examined closely. It's a strategy that these sites use to sell their expensive herbal pills, which promise to counteract the "fatal consequences of overmasturbation".


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