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Female Masturbation Techniques 1

The female masturbation is always surrounded with mystery. To say the least, female masturbation is a lot more complex than the male one. Not only because the female genitals are more hidden and female orgasm more subtle (no one can stay unaware of a male ejaculation), but also because all the taboos and misconceptions surrounding the female sexuality, which has turned masturbation into a forbidden, dirty subject.

Although most women learn to masturbate by themselves, during the shower for instance, there’s always much more to learn. Most women have the use of two fingers as basic technique to stimulate the clitoris, few women are aware of the wide variety of female masturbation techniques there might come into play on their private moments.  We have collected a few of several female masturbation techniques, to inspire you to create your own techniques or to explore your body in search for new possibilities.

    • Riding the floor – this is one of the female masturbation techniques that would look funny if it wasn’t too pleasure. Lie on the floor while facing down and then press your pubic bone on the floor, while rocking your body as if you’re trying to crawl. It seems weird but it may result in very pleasurable orgasms.
    • Making up – the most unusual female masturbation techniques are generally the more amazing. Get a very clean and dry makeup brush and then use the fine bristles to stimulate the head of your clitoris and your inner lips. This is one of the most surprising female masturbation techniques, as you won’t believe how such uncanny object may increase the sensibility of your clitoris. Some people also use some kinds of feathers (as of pillows) to use this technique.
    • Another one of such interesting female masturbation techniques are using a stocking to drape between your legs while you hold each end of the stocking on each hand. There are some kinds of ribbons that can be used for that, in which you may apply some lube, which feels really great.

Female Masturbation Techniques 1   

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