Female Masturbation Techniques

Female Masturbation Techniques

Differently to men, most women can only reach climax through manual stimulation. That’s why it’s essential for a woman to improve her masturbation techniques. It aids her to better know the human body chemistry, and therefore pass on significant masturbation tips for occasional sex partner. There may bring even better results if female masturbation techniques you could try. Bear with us, there’s no rule to create your own special technique, whichever works best for you.

Basics first – a grass root of female masturbation technique consists in stimulating the clitoris with both thumb and index finger, starting to move with a gentle rolling-like motion. Usually, there doesn’t take long to reach orgasm such as most masturbation techniques for women. For that reason, you may combine clitoral stimulation with careful insertion of one or two fingers into the vagina thus induce penetration.

In the shower – masturbating in the shower can be highly relaxing. You’ll be surprised by the multitude of masturbation techniques, whether for shower or bathtub purposes. The gentle and lukewarm water of the showerhead springs as a good example. Use it to stimulate your clitoris and bath will surely be even wetter. It’s important to say that strong streams of water directly into your vagina may be avoided, as it may cause infection windows.

Vibes and sex toys – feel free to introduce (no pun intended) a sex toy when you’re playing with yourself. It could be a device purposely designed (such as a vibrator or a dildo) or anything suitable shape-wise you  find laying idle in the fruit compartment of the fridge. Sensibly, it’s essential to check before what would be used. Avoid sharp objects, objects that may hurt you or break inside your body. Hygiene is of the essence.

Without hands – some (lucky them) women are able to reach orgasm with almost no stimulation at all. Just by squeezing tights together and rubbing would be enough to them to come. Particularly somewhere, you could get caught in action. It’s worth rehearsing a little bit for it’s such pleasurable female masturbation technique.


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