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Lesbian Nymphomaniac

Sometimes I think I'm a true lesbian nymphomaniac. I think about sex, women, and vaginas all the time. I stare at women around me and imagine what they look like naked. I imagine what their vaginal juices taste like. I often wonder what they sound like in bed when they are having sex. I fantasize about who they have been with romantically and what it would feel like to actually be them.
I totally have women and sex on the brain. At work, at home, and in public I look at women all the time. Sometimes I can't even disguise my thoughts. Today I was out shopping, and a really cute short-haired butch-chic was walking towards me down the aisle. She was so fantastic; I literally stopped walking and just stared at her. I just looked her up and down while appreciating every inch of her. The scene still plays in my mind in slow motion, as if each of her strides are taking a few minutes as her hand slowly swings at her side. I took it all in as she looked directly at me realized that I was really looking at her. I just continued to look at her and her clothes. I followed the line of the inseam of her jeans as it rose up her leg to her inner thigh and straight up to her crotch. I could make out the slight mound of her pubic bone and the swell of her labia. I imagined how the heavy inseam of her jeans would ride up into her vagina gently nudging her clitoris. I smiled as I remembered how good that feels. It made me so horny, it started driving me crazy. I became instantly hot and flush, and I could feel my clitoris harden. I turned as she walked by me so I could admire the view from the rear. Wow, she was amazing.
I had to get myself off as soon as I got back to my office. I was wet and ready, and I came hard and quick. It was nothing major, but I just had to masturbate to take care of my overwhelming sex drive. That's how it feels to be me almost all the time.
I am a woman with women on my brain. I'm not complaining I hope it doesn't sound like I am. I love my life. I love being a lesbian. I love the fact that looking at women makes me so horny I have to masturbate. I hope I always stay this way because it makes me feel alive. I hope that you, the reader, feel the same way. Please tickle your clit for me today. Just imagine that it's me reaching into your panties while I rub and pinch your swollen clitoris until you orgasm.
Do it, and do it hard for me!

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