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Female Masturbation and Cultural Taboo

Arguably, in modern and civilized society of todays, masturbation remains a cultural taboo, particularly female masturbation. Often, concerns on what’s acceptable and what’s not, when such concept clearly is something very vague. The desire and necessity for sexual gratification-let alone sexual tension relief, it’s common ground of both genders. Thus, masturbation pops up as needed for a healthy sexuality. In fact, there’s nothing wrong about masturbation, as that ran down concept of naughty is anything but stale taboo. Actually, we could split two groups: the ones who masturbate and those ones who thrive on lies about masturbation.

As far as our male-oriented inculcation goes, masturbation stands for unable to get a sex partner. It’s always a constant subject of jokes and mockery alike when it comes to female masturbation. Such jokes being considered offensive and of bad taste. A girl who admits masturbating will let herself in for teasing rather than a boy admitting the same approach. This is so because women generally are utterly pressed to suppress their sexual desires and necessities other than men.

It’s also rather unusual to find male parents who would care to dedicate time with their daughters and run “that famous” talk about the facts of life. Girls end up discovering masturbation by themselves, growing up feeling that might be some kind of dirty secret to be kept concealed.

Fortunately, female masturbation slowly but surely reaches further acceptance of most western societies, whereas some areas of the world, ingrain religious inculcation sadly poise female masturbation as unthinkable. Today, people openly talk about female masturbation, in fact considered a fetish, some would think.
 By the way, non-stop researches pointing towards taboos, forced abstinence, suppression and inhibition of sexual desires as true causes of imbalance, stress as well as emotional instability. Female masturbation is actually as fun as healthy.


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