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AIDS and Oral Sex

 Oral sex, as opposed to what most people think, conveys some form of transmission for the HIV virus. Further, increasingly the degree of risk for the receiver and giver both. So if you are into oral sex, whether sucking or getting sucked roughly speaking, there could be said that both genders might be at dire straits. Then it would suffice for the transmission to take place, mostly if there were ever bodily fluids exchanged. So bear in mind, HIV can be passed on via oral sex.
 Oral sex wearing condoms isn’t all that, it feels as though heard on the streets- “eating such a wrapped up candy”. Although, it’s always better to prevent than tamper afterwards. In order to run some reasonable oral sex session there’d require intimacy with the chosen one, despite being unwise to have oral sex with someone you just met. The sound and safe would be having oral sex with a steady partner, as in someone you could trust even though knowingly the risk still lurks.
 Haven’t you ever heard of that urban legend on the HIV virus being transmitted through oral sex, pertaining to mouth blisters? That is that, the likelihood of infection via oral sex has ten folded, in case of lingering disease sexually transmitted. The stakes for infection by HIV through oral sex are high up, should there ever be nicks or cuts in the mouth or gums yet a flared throat. Furthermore, oral sex if unprotected isn’t safe at all.
In the case of labial herpes, infection could take place. So far, there are three types known of the herpes virus, as follows- herpes I or congenital, Herpes II or genital, and Zoster aka shingles.
 Type I- bound to lodge itself in and around the mouth.
 Type II- display higher likelihood of infecting the genital area. However likely to trade places, in other words, one could catch the type I on the genital area and the type II on the mouth, as swapped, in which point could strike if one had oral sex unprotected. 
 To put it short, the HIV virus can be transmitted through oral sex, just like other sexual diseases, hence, the further care needed when going for someone in particular.  Transmission could ensue upon existence of chapped tissue (gums, tongue) of either partner. Then the best way forward is to get ahead ever. 
 When it comes to wearing condoms in oral sex, reluctance can still be felt. But all that takes is to stick to what feels right and choose whichever mode could render oral sex as safer as blissful.
 How to go about it? Flavored condoms to say the least. In all sizes and colors. Otherwise cling film would do for genders altogether. Plus, there’s such a plastic device sold at sex shops and the likes, which encapsulates itself around the tongue. Prevention done where prevention is due.

Adriana Sommer

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