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About Oral Sex

 Approaches and patterns by the humankind in terms of sex seem almost limitless. According to background, age and yet internal affairs of a society like social class, would be favored certain sexual patterns whereas others would be declined. It happens, for instance, with oral sex known otherwise as fellatio. The core of this sexual approach is quite straightforward, in what consisted of conducted sexual stimulation by the partner’s mouth on the genitals.
 The Church would slag off this sexual pursue in the past, once it didn’t contribute towards procreation, much like the others of its kind such as masturbation, anal sex, bestiality and homosexualism. Currently there’s more acceptance towards oral sex, as a perceived bonus in sexual rapport. Oral sex is often tooted as an approach belonging to the foreplay set. Foreplay itself, alongside oral sex, boosts up arousal at the same that provides further intimacy and mingling between lovers.
 Oral sex could come into play in either heterosexual or homosexual relations. At times people could have deemed it as being such incomplete sexual intercourse. And so therefore, there could be approached without further affective or intimate bonds. Virgin women, for example, could end up liking to rely on this sex guise with the aim of upholding their sexual initiation and so hymen rupture.  
 Elsewhere, oral sex could be symbolically associated to subservience. As if whoever received it would acquire, there and then, a certain edge over it. That wouldn’t happen in the so-called “69” position. Wherein, both partners give head to each other. They lie lengthwise with their heads placed on the opposite direction.
 There’s no such a thing as correct position for oral sex. Each situation calls for a certain degree of adaptation from patrons. However, given the human morphology, there’d be better to keep legs sprawled and the body well relaxed, perhaps sitting down or outstretched. Some women’d rather get caressed while in the “all fours” position. In which, the other could wiggle his head between her thighs.
 There used to regard oral sex, again and again, as a sexual deviation, even in the western industrialized society. Being that the case, it would be practiced preferably with prostitutes or between lovers outside marriage. It’s clear then how could some sexual practice be granted a notch in evaluation ranging around the conceptualization of stark and tainted. To the day, oral sex tends to be associated to the highest degree of arousal in sex.
 Nuances within the oral sex practice can be highly exciting, since focused on the stimulation of erogenous zones. It’s highly unlikely that someone would decline this approach due to personal reasons. So that, this practice is always welcome prior, during or post sexual intercourse. For those women with difficulty in reaching climax by penetration alone, oral sex presents a reasonable choice to ensure or enhance orgasms.
Jonatas Dornelles

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