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When interest in sex starts to grow, normally during the teenage years, both men and women begin to explore new feelings and their own bodies. As the body grows more mature and sexually prepared to the sexual intercourse itself, there is nothing more natural than masturbation in order to succeed.

It is a long coming, people used to view masturbation as a sinful way to achieve pleasure. However, it is known that this practice always existed, due to the human nature. Only notions changed through the years. Society and religions have always fought against masturbation, alleging frightening instances in God's disapproval; mental illness; lies about what could happen with those who masturbate, like: hair in the palm of the hands, pimples, blindness and many other unfounded theories.

The years passed by and we started to develop a more clarifying idea about it, supported by doctors and psychologists. Today, most people seem well-informed and clued up on masturbation issues. The stronger focus of rejection lies in man-made religions. Not just one religion, but quite a few. Conservative families are another outstanding feature regarding masturbation suppression. However, there has been proved that masturbation can be as healthy as relaxing activity. Sometimes it can decrease levels of stress and help the person to develop preferences in sex and increase sexual performance.

Women have more options to reach pleasure while masturbating. That is because they are influenced by a batch of factors and personal preferences. Stroking and rubbing the vulva, especially on the clitoris is the most widespread technique. It could become rather interesting if a sex toy such as vibrating dildos and other spot-stimulating devices could be brought into play.

Men aren't so lucky as far as options go although those available seemingly suffice needs. The most common technique is simply by holding the penis with a loose fist, so then, toss the hand upwards and downwards the shaft until orgasm is achieved. When uncircumcised, stimulation to the penis comes from the pumping of the foreskin up and down the length of the shaft, which usually uncovers and covers the head in the process.

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